Friday, 12 April 2013

Renault Captur Overview

Renault Captur is that the new urban crossover from Renault. Its flowing lines highlight its distinctive proportions, whereas its massive wheels, generous ground clearance, wide tracks and steeply raked, forward-set windshield kind a singular mix of MPV, SUV and hatchback, formed and created reality by Renault. Renault Captur lends itself absolutely to an intensive personalisation programme, too. With its several permutations of two-tone bodywork, wheel colors, light-weight and dark interior trims, upholstery materials and graphic motifs, Captur can attractiveness to a very broad spectrum of tastes and wishes.

The inventive freedom enjoyed by Renault's designers shines through within the options and generous interior house expected of this sort of auto. although compact (it is just fractionally longer than New Clio), Renault Captur is especially convenient. The slippy rear bench seat provides the best balance of house for passengers and their baggage, with a most carrying capability of 455dm3 (up to the bags cover). within the traveler compartment, 2 ingenious innovations underline Captur's character as a really easy vehicle: an outsized drawer-type glove box, that is straightforward for the motive force to succeed in and holds eleven litres, and therefore the handiness of removable seat covers which may be unzipped, machine washed reception and refitted.

Meanwhile, the in-dash Renault R-Link transmission pill provides access to an entire new level of property, with Associate in Nursing ever-expanding library of dedicated driving applications.
The new Renault Captur features “smooth, fluid, balanced forms” with design elements inspired by the concept version, like the front fascia and that cool forward position of the steeply raked windscreen. The new Captur will be offered with an original two-tone color scheme, combined with large-diameter wheels and sill guards.

The new crossover measures 4.12 meters in length (157.5 inches), so it offers a generous interior space, a high-up driving position, large cargo area, modular interior and innovative stowage solutions.

The new Captur offers a combination of colors and motifs, so the cabin is warm and relaxing. As standard equipment, the crossover will offer hands-free entry, hill start assist and rear parking sensors. For those customers that want to further customize their model, Renault will also offer connected, in-dash Renault R-Link touchscreen multimedia tablet, plus a system that comprises six loudspeakers, Bluetooth connectivity, audio-streaming and Arkamys hi-fi sound.
Engine lineup of Renault Captur

Under the hood, Renault will place a choice of both petrol and diesel engines, combined with the very latest Renault technologies. Final specifications will be unveiled during the car’s debut in Geneva, but Renault has promised the new crossover will return best-in-class fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, starting from as low as 96g/km.

The new Renault Captur will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, with sales to begin later in the summer. Prices will be announced at a later date.


Renault developed their new Captur as direct competition for Nissan Juke. In Europe, the Nissan model is offered with a choice of one diesel and two 1.6-Liter gas-burning units, with power ranging from 110 horsepower to 190 horsepower.

Despite its bulky exterior look, the Juke has stolen the hearts of many European customers and the new Captur will have to try very hard if it wants to become a success on the market.


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